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English Language Punctuation

Language translation software is programmed to translate based on the grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules of any given language. For this reason, translating text from one language to another requires correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation to allow the resulting translation to be the best quality that it can possibly be.

When you are writing, punctuation is used to show the stress, rhythm, and tone of the spoken word, as well as to clarify the meaning of sentences themselves. Let’s take a quick look at each of the punctuation marks most commonly used in the English language:

The Full Stop / Period ( . )

The full stop, most commonly called the period, is used at the end of a sentence. It is a queue to the reader that the thought has ended.

The Comma ( , )

The comma is used to show a pause in thought. When a reader is reading and comes to a comma, it is a sign that there should be a short pause between part of the sentence before and after the comma.

The Colon ( : )

The colon is used prior to a listing of items in a sentence.

The Semicolon ( ; )

The semicolon is used to join two very similar thoughts together into one sentence.

The Exclamation Mark ( ! )

The exclamation mark is used to express surprise, anger, or alarm.

The Question Mark ( ? )

The question mark goes at the end of a sentence which is asking a question.

The Dash ( - )

The dash is used to indicate a sudden change of thought or an additional comment.

The Hyphen ( - )

The hyphen is a short dash which is used to connect parts of words, such as mile-long.

Thoughts on Punctuation and Language Translation Software

You will find that people write just as differently as they speak. However, for the use of translation software, your writing should be as close to traditional language as possible without a lot of personal or literary style to it. By using simple and correct language your translations will be much more accurate and readable to your audience.


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