English to Spanish Translation with Software

Translating English to Spanish is easy with software! You can open a document, click translate and it is suddenly converted into another language. The software is bidirectional, which means you can translate English to Spanish and Spanish to English.

With over 400 million people that speak Spanish in the world, the need for communicating in this popular language has dramatically increased. Many business owners, schools, students, employees and people in general have suddenly discovered a need to translate English to Spanish. Using software can make it easy and cost effective.

Translate from English to Spanish with Systran

The number one selling translation software in the world is Systran. Used worldwide by Fortune 500 companies, Governments, European Commission, Embassies, FBI, CIA, Military, Online Portals and more.

Use your Favorite Programs to Translate and save your Formatting!

The greatest feature of today's software is the ability to translate documents in your favorite programs. No need to learn additional software, easy document translation with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Support for your favorite programs; e-mail, Microsoft Word documents, PDF files, Excel, Power Point, Web Pages, or any text can be translated almost instantly. Features vary by the product, you can select a product that can just do text or one that can do about any type of document.

Easy to use with your favorite programs (features vary by product)
Translate Word Documents
Outlook Emails
Translate Excel
Translate PowerPoint
PDF Translator
Internet Explorer & Firefox
HMTL Files
Web Pages



Reduce Translation Costs and Save Time

Software can work within a fraction of seconds and can be trained for high levels of accuracy. Generally, translation software can deliver high levels of gisting which means that the document may not be 100% accurately translated but you can make out what it is all about and spend little time editing and proofing.

Below you can compare the actual translations from English to Spanish using software and a human translator.

English to Spanish Results:

Original English Text Translated with Systran Software Human Translator
I want to make a reservation. Quiero hacer una reservación.
Quiero hacer una reservación.
Hi, Mr. Supervisor! I need to talk to you please. ¡Hola, Sr. Supervisor! Necesito hablar con usted por favor. ¡Hola señor supervisor! Necesito hablar con usted por favor.
How much are the rooms?
¿Cuánto es los cuartos?
Cuanto cuestan las habitaciones?
There is a very good restaurant near the office. Do you want to go to eat with me? Hay un restaurante muy bueno cerca de la oficina. ¿Usted quiere ir a comer conmigo? Hay un restaurante muy bueno cerca de la oficina. ¿ Quieres ir a comer conmigo?

Translate English to Spanish and Translate from Spanish

With this powerful software you can perform English - Spanish Translation and vise versa, plus it can translate to many other languages including French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch (Flemish), Russian, Polish, Swedish, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Arabic.

Tips for working with English to Spanish Translation

When you translate from English to Spanish you will notice that the text expands about 25%. This is called the expansion factor. When translating English to Spanish, it will take more words to convey the same meaning.

Keep your sentences direct and the to the point with proper grammar and punctuation. Writing in more of a professional style will give you higher accuracy when using translating software.


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52 Languages Available:










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Translation Memory Tools The new features in the latest Version are awesome! Perfect for Translators.
Susan Richards

Impressive Software
This software has saved us thousands of dollars in translation costs! I will be recommending you and your products others! Tom Landon

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