When using free online dictionaries, chances are you will only be able to find translations for common words. Those are not really helpful when you’re looking to translate technical terms that belong  to specific domains such as computers, economy, science, military or other domains.

A general dictionary can be enough if you just want to understand the meaning of a common French word, but when you are dealing with emails or business documents, accuracy is the key and this can only be achieved with a complete dictionary, like the Larousse French dictionary.

Free French Dictionary$100  Larousse dictionary Retail Value, FREE with our translation software

The Larousse dictionary is a world-famous dictionary and it is the synonym of thorough expertise in the field of reference. This well known French dictionary is the number one resource for those wanting to learn French, translate French conversations or documents and find definitions for specific words and phrases.

Systran’s translation software is bundled with the Larousse dictionary to ensure your translations are highly accurate. Although this famous French dictionary retails for $100,  it’s included FREE with our French translation software to give you an additional resource. Aside from this, the translation software is also backed with several other French translation dictionaries, allowing you to translate French words and expressions, get alternate meanings depending on the context in which a word is used and the domain it belongs to.

Designed for both Home Users and Professional Translators

Instead of searching through tens of dictionaries, with our French translation dictionary you have access to all the words you need and from a single place. This will not only save you time, but also a lot of money you would’ve otherwise spent on various dictionaries or translators.

The French translation dictionary is a complex tool, but it was designed for both home users and professional translators. This means that it covers all needs and requirements, from simple conversations with your French buddies to email translations and full translation of documents. Considering it includes so many words and expressions, you can rest assured you will get a highly accurate translation, one that you couldn’t get elsewhere.

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