Spanish is the second most popular language on Twitter

The Cervantes Institute in Spain recently published the 2012 report titled “Spanish in the World” which includes some interesting statistics regarding the use of the Spanish language in the Internet. Believe it or not, Spanish is the second most widely used language on Twitter. Here are some other interesting stats: Spanish in the world: Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world with 500 million speakers. International Communication: it is the second most widely used language, after English. The Internet: [...]

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Translate PDF files and full documents

Say you work in an international company that deals with clients from Spain. You receive a lot of PDF documents in Spanish and need to translate them quickly to English so you can pass them on to your English speaking colleagues that don’t know Spanish at all. This can be quite a hassle. Now imagine how easy it would be translate PDF files from Spanish to English or any other language in just a few seconds, while still retaining the original formatting. You [...]

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How to translate Spanish PDF to English

Imagine you have a PDF document in Spanish that you need to translate to English or another language. What are the biggest challenges that you can encounter? First, you might have to find two different solutions for each task: converting the PDF to an editable file and then actually translating it from Spanish. Then there are also other things to consider such as how much time it will take, especially if it’s a large document with hundreds of pages, and how much it [...]

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Translation software to translate Mexican Spanish

Lately, we’re seeing an increasing number of people searching for translation software to translate Mexican Spanish to English text. We know our competitors very well but in this case we couldn’t help but notice we have none for Mexican Spanish.  The translation tools available only translate Castilian Spanish and it’s not as accurate when you need to convert your text from Mexican Spanish to English or some other language. Fact: Over 10% of the U.S. population is Mexican so that’s a total of [...]

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Larousse dictionary FREE with our French translation software

When using free online dictionaries, chances are you will only be able to find translations for common words. Those are not really helpful when you’re looking to translate technical terms that belong  to specific domains such as computers, economy, science, military or other domains. A general dictionary can be enough if you just want to understand the meaning of a common French word, but when you are dealing with emails or business documents, accuracy is the key and this can only be achieved [...]

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How to Scan and Translate a Document

So you have an old book in Spanish that you want digitized and translated to English? Or maybe you have printed out important company documents long ago and have no idea where you’ve saved them on your computer? If you want to translate whole documents without having to type entire pages and then translate them (which would actually take days), no worries, Systran can help you get it done in no time. Scan your document The first thing you need to do is [...]

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New Systran Training Video Series

We’ve recently launched our very own Systran Training video series so you can get an idea on how many amazing things you can achieve with our translation software. You can find there plenty of step-by-step training videos that show you what you can do with Systran’s translation software. These videos are part of our exclusive bundle only available from Imagiforce Corporation for customers that purchase direct from .  The series is perfect for anyone using our advanced packages of Systran translation software. Go ahead and watch them [...]

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