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SYSTRAN Enterprise Server has several Editions that will meet the needs of any larger company.

SYSTRAN Workgroup Server

Workgroup Server includes 100 Users

SYSTRAN Standard Server

Standard Server includes 2,500 users / Unlimited Online

SYSTRAN Global Server

Global Server is a SAS Model for unlimited users

SYSTRAN Enterprise Editions includes the following:

  • Includes multiple Users
  • API (Standard and Global Editions only)
  • Choice of pre-trained Translation Engines delivers higher accuracy. Choose from Rule Based, Statistical or Hybrid.
  • Application Packs: Allows seamless integration into MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook Email
  • Additional Document tools, including OCR and ability to tranlsate PDF Files
  • Multiple file types are supported including, XML, HTML and more.
  • Post Editing Tools for easy Proof and Editing
  • Build your own Dictionaries for specific terminology control
  • Quick File Translation
  • Batch Translation
  • Secure Translations behind your own Firewall
  • Choose any number of Language Pairs

To learn more about the features and see actual screenshots, click here.

Enterprise level products have a variety of features and languages to choose from. Each product must be custom quoted.  For a quote email us at sales@imagforce.com or call us at,  813-949-9383 or 1-800-771-9383.

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