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Translate Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and More!

Translation Programs are becoming more accurate than ever before and companies world wide are using translation software to communicate more effectively with foreign language speakers.

Previoulsy a company's only solution was to hire an expensive translation company to translate documents but now with powerful translation programs you can turn your PC into an automatic translator.

With the improved translation technology you can translate foreign languages with a higher level accuracy than in the past. Systran has a wide variety of software packages and we are confident you will find one to fit both your needs and translation budget!

QUOTE Dow Corning Corporation: Cost Savings - "The seconds of machine time per page with Systran (translation software) is dramatically less than the hours per page of a human translator. It doesn't take many pages to recover the cost of the PC and the Systran Software." (read actual translation software case studies to learn more.)


Translation Software Programs Available in 52 Languages

Translation Programs Available - European Languages
Spanish Translation Program - Translation Software Spanish Translation Program - Translate Spanish to English and English to Spanish
French Translation Program - Translation Software French Translation Program - Translate French to English and English to French
German Translation Program - Translation Software German Translation Program - Translate German to English and English to German
Italian Translation Program - Translation Software Italian Translation Program - Translate Italian to English and English to Italian
Portuguese Translation Program - Translation Software Portuguese Translation Program - Translate Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese
Swedish Translation Program - Translation Software Swedish Translation Program - Translate Swedish to English and English to Swedish
Dutch Translation Program - Translation Software Dutch Translation Program - Translate Dutch to English and English to Dutch
Russian Translation Program - Translation Software Russian Translation Program - Translate Russian to English and English to Russian
Translation Programs Available - Asian Languages
Chinese Translation Program Translate Madarin, Cantonese, or any style of Chinese to and from English. Includes Tradtional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
Korean Translation Program Korean to/from English translation
Japanese Translation Program Japanese to English and English to Japanese
Translation Programs - Middle Eastern Languages
Arabic Translation Program - Translate Arabic to English and English to Arabic
Farsi Translation Program - Coming Soon

See a Sample Translation

Translation software can almost instantly translate an email or document and deliver the results but there are limitations since it is software. Lets take a look at the sample below to see how translation software handles text.

See Spanish Translation Program Sample See French Translation Program Sample

Accuracy of the translation can vary by language. You can improve the accuracy by training the software with additional features / tools in the software.

Need Help? We can help you find the right translating software package, call us at 1-800-771-9383.

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Translation Memory Tools The new features in the latest Version are awesome! Perfect for Translators.
Susan Richards

Impressive Software
This software has saved us thousands of dollars in translation costs! I will be recommending you and your products others! Tom Landon

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