Virtual Keyboard Directions

Using the Virtual Keyboard is easy. Type text in the box, and then when you need an accent on a letter, click on the correct key below. After you have typed in your text, copy and paste it into the translator.


How to Copy and Paste
How to Cut and Paste:

1. Select the text you wish to copy by holding down the left mouse button as you drag it over the text. As you drag, you'll notice everything gets highlighted (selected).

2. Next, right-click the selected text. Choose Copy from the menu that pops up (or you can use CTRL-C if you like keyboard shortcuts). This automatically puts the text in your Windows keyboard, something that you cannot see. Go to the next step.

3. Place your cursor where you would like to paste the text and right click your mouse button. Click Paste from the menu that pops up (For this, CTRL-V is your keyboard shortcut).

That's it. The steps are basically the same for any copy & paste procedure you need to do.