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The global market for Italian translation software is projected to continue to grow as the world becomes smaller each year due to the reach of the internet. Many companies are finding that being able to communicate in a foreign language can be a valuable asset when trying to expand into other markets. The cost of being able to communicate though can be extremely expensive. Using software can reduce costs greatly.

There are currently an estimated 65 million people that speak Italian and using software can be an invaluable tool that will allow you to communicate even if you do not know a word of the Italian language. Without software you would need to hire a translator for every document, letter or email that you send. The cost of translating even a one page document can run approximately a dollar a sentence. Translate all your documents, email, pdf, letters or any type of text for one low price.


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You can translate Italian to English and vise versa Italian to English with Systran programs. 

  • Translate full documents in seconds and retain the document's formatting.
  • Retain the formatting of the document in WORD, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, Email and more.
  • Convert Italian to English and English to Italian with the same software package, languages are bidirectional.
  • Translate as you Type - Instantly translation with the SYSTRAN Interactive Translator.
  • Emails in Outlook can instantly be translated. You can also use Yahoo, Gmail or any other e-mail client.
  • No internet connection required. Travel around the world and enjoy using the software anytime, anywhere.
  • Proof your documents side by side with perfect word alignment. Click on a word in English and instantly it compares the Italian word by lining up the two sentences.
  • Retain the formatting of tables, images, text highlighting, graphs and more.


Translating Italian is easy with Systran Translation Software

With advances in technology you can effectively communicate in the Italian without ever learning the language. Italian translation software will give you a gisting level of accuracy. This means it will give you an idea of what is being said but it will not be as perfect as a human translator. Many times just the idea of what a document is saying is enough. If you need a higher level of accuracy you can achieve it with software but it will require some customization.

When you translate a document from English to Italian it will add the proper accents above the letters in the translated text.


Microsoft Office Document Translation

Translate Italian to English and English to Italian documents and proof them side by side

Systran's powerful conversion capabilities which retain the original document layouts, text highlighting, font styles, graphics and tables.

Best of all this Italian language translation software provides instant translations, no waiting for a translator to translate a document to learn the contents. Easy to use tools allow you to improve the accuracy by building your own custom dictionaries.

New Systran Supports more file formats!


Italian Document Translator

Translate Italian / English documents instantly with software. Even complex PDF documents can be translated in seconds. Even if there is a lot of formatting in the document, the software will retain the layout and graphics.


Why is Systran considered the best Italian translation software? 

Systran is the leader in Italian translation technology for over three decades. Systran translates the meanings of words and expressions depending upon the context. Systran is not a word for word translation tool, the software is smart and the translations depend on how words are used in a sentence just like a human translator.

SYSTRAN's translation products offer a complete general italian dictionary plus 20 specialized italian dictionaries. Get accurate translations with SYSTRAN. The italian dictionary offers several alternatives for each word and lets you choose the best translation according to the context and subject.

Learn more about Systran Translation Software and which translator will best meet your translation needs. Learn More

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Italian translation software: 
English to Italian Conversion and Italian to English with Systran Translator

Italian English
Non parlo l'italiano. Tu parla inglese? I do not speak Italian. Do You speak English?


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Largest Dictionaries with easy to see Alternative Meanings for Words!

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This software has saved us thousands of dollars in translation costs! I will be recommending you and your products others! Tom Landon

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