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Language Translation API

Systran has multiple products that give you access to the power Translate API that allows you to automate your translation projects.

Easily integrate language translation into your own application, third-party software, including desktop-based software, CMS systems, Web sites or Widgets. The API is based on standard TCP/IP architecture, and requires minimal resources and effort to integrate into your site or application.

Systran's powerful language translation API is being utilized by thousands of companies worldwide as an invaluable tool for translating large volumes of data with the speed and accuracy required in today's marketplace. In fact millions of documents are translated daily using Systran.

With the explosion in available data, Systran is also the number one choice for companies and government agencies requiring a solution for translations in data mining and eDiscovery. With a translation API built into your project you can analyze, mine & visualize data in foreign languages in seconds.

Systran Introduces Two Innovative Advancements (being updated, new API just released) Contact us for information

Systran has been the pioneer and leader in the translation industry for over 40 years and recently introduced two additional innovations that is taking translation accuracy to a new level, Systran Hybrid Translation Engine and Systran Training Server.

This breakthrough combines the advantages of linguistic technology with statistical techniques so the software automatically learns from existing and validated translations. SYSTRAN's hybrid machine translation solution is easy and quick to customize. The self-learning techniques allow users to train the software to any specific domain or business objective to achieve cost-effective publishable quality translations.

Systran's Translation API is used by Companies Worldwide for:
  • Website Translation
  • eCommerce Stores
  • Web Applications
  • Email Solutions
  • Data Mining
  • eDiscovery
  • Database Translation
  • Search Applications
  • Interactive Chat
  • Desktop Applications
  • And much more

The Open API is Available in two Systran Products:

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server - API

Open API - Customization, integration and control is the number one request for many large companies that need to automatically translate their content applications, databases or thousands of documents quickly. Best of all you get full control. Translate a wide range of documents and retain the formatting even after translation.

Compete integration with your internet applications, portals or company deployment.

By utilizing the API you can translate documents automatically or write your own application around the translation API.

Systran Enterprise API can be integrated into every imaginable enterprise application to translate web sites, customer support knowledge bases, and technical documentation.

Systran Open API | REST | SOAP Web service that connects to the corporate Information System in a straight forward manner. It allows users to translate files or text, compile dictionaries and export dictionaries.

Systran Open API is packaged for the Web environment as standard Web Services (WSDL) and standard interface (Web Tools) can be used as examples for specific third-parties integration.

Systran Open API is also packaged as a COM object and provided with program samples written in Visual Basic and C# (Visual Studio) for the Windows environment.

Prices are dependent upon a number of factors including language pairs, components included and more. Contact us direct for a pricing quote on your project.

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Systran links - API

Systran's basic Translate API is a hosted solution that runs on a network of worldwide high volume servers.

The Systran Translate API allows you to easily translate multilingual content.

Create your own application for clients utilizing the this power API to deliver translations instantly.

Accessible through any system that supports Internet access, this real-time service translates full sentences in plain text.

The SYSTRAN Transalte API allows you to easily add a multilingual layer onto any Web content application. Our API is based on the easiest way to access the Systran Translation Engine available with our Systran Links Silver and Gold packages. Primarily a dynamic machine translation service for web pages and data mining with full access to the API.

SYSTRANLinks' API uses the leading industry standards: HTTP or HTTPS for the communication protocol, XML and UTF-8 for translation output. Therefore Machine Translation can easily be embedded into any type of eCommerce application, database, data mining, chat, forum, email, SMS and WAP services.

  • The application connects to SYSTRANLinks using either HTTP or HTTPS.
  • It sends the source language of the document and the desired target language, along with the document to be translated using the HTTP POST method.
  • SYSTRANLinks' API detects the format of the source document (plain text, HTML or RTF)
  • SYSTRANLinks' API translates the document.
  • SYSTRANLinks' API returns an XML document containing your translated document.
Systran Translate API

Need to translate data.

3 Products to choose from: Silver2, Gold 1, Gold 2 or Platinum (not listed)

Choose from 56 Bidireactional Language Pairs

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We can set up a testing environment that will give you hands on experience with the API a sell as options for testing translation accuracy.

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