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The Korean language is spoken by about 68 million people in Korea (45 million in South Korea and 23 million in North Korea) and by nearly 1 million others in Japan. Unlike Chinese, Korean does not use tones to make semantic distinctions. Its syntax, however, is similar to that of Chinese, while its morphology resembles that of Japanese. Korean is an agglutinative language in which different linguistic elements, each of which exists separately and has a fixed meaning, are often joined to form one word. A distinctive feature of Korean is the use of a number of different forms to indicate the respective social positions of the speaker, the individual spoken to, and the individual spoken about.

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Translating Korean is easy with Systran Translation Software

You can translate Korean to English or translate English to Korean with this amazing software.

This Korean translation software translates your documents quickly. Type in English or Korean and the software translates the words in seconds. Translate full Korean documents without knowing the language.

It's accurate, fast and easy to use. Systran offers the most accurate Korean translating software available.

Systran works with the most popular Microsoft programs, translate Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, Chat, Email, Internet Explorer, and Outlook.  A button will show up on your tool bar and you run Systran directly from your software application. 

This powerful translator will retain the document's format, keep tables, graphs, and more.

Customize your Korean or English Translations

This Korean translation software can be customized to suit your needs. Build additional dictionaries with your own terminology.

Korean Translation Software

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Systran has been the leader in translation software development for the past 30 years. Systran actually holds patents for their translation engine so no other translation software has these same features. Learn more about Systran Translation Software and which translator will best meet your translation needs.


Korean Translation Software: Translate Korean to English and English to Korean

Our Korean translation products are customizable so you can tailor the software to meet your needs, add to the dictionaries or create your own topical glossaries and more.

Start communicating in Korean or English, learn more about Korean Translation Software.


Korean Language Software

Learn more about Systran Translation Software and which translator will best meet your translation needs.

Translating Software for Korean


Translation Software translates Korean languages, you'll discover an easy to use, information packed web site. Learn more about Korean language translation software.






Largest Dictionaries with easy to see Alternative Meanings for Words!

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Translation Memory Tools The new features in the latest Version are awesome! Perfect for Translators.
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This software has saved us thousands of dollars in translation costs! I will be recommending you and your products others! Tom Landon

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