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This Spanish converter software is an excellent solution for your company if:

  • You need to translate documents to better communicate with Spanish or English speaking employees.
    Many companies have Spanish speaking employees and need a Spanish converter to translate company documents, forms and other types of information from English to Spanish or vice versa.

  • You need to reduce the time and costs of hiring a Professional Translation Agency.
    Professional translators can be very expensive and the time consuming. Although human translators can be needed at times, often you can use software to translate a document quickly to get the translation results you need.

  • You need to translate E-mails, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Internet Explorer, and Web Pages using the Microsoft Office.
    Many of our English Spanish language converters can translate your documents directly inside the popular Microsoft Office program. With the ability to translate directly from Microsoft Office programs you can you can retain much of the documents formatting and cut down on the time it would take to learn new software.

  • You have larger translation projects and you need software to increase productivity and reduce translation costs.
    Our Professional level language converter can be used to achieve publishable results. The additional tools in our Professoinal Premium versions can be used by someone who is bilingal to increase productivity and reduce translation costs.

Systran is the #1 Selling Language Converter Software in the World

Whether you are an individual who wants to convert Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese or any of our other 5 popular languages, or a company seeking the conversion software for business comunication, you will find automating the translation process with software can be faster and easier than traditional methods of converting languages.

Systran Software is the recognized leader in the development (winner of both awards and review comparisons) of translation technology and is the most used Spanish conversion software in the world. We have a complete line of products with different features that can meet both your translation budget and needs.

Industry Feedback:

Dow Corning Corporation: Cost Savings - "The seconds of machine time per page with Systran (translation software) is dramatically less than the hours per page of a human translator. It doesn't take many pages to recover the cost of the PC and the Systran Software." (read actual translation software reviews to learn more.)

Multilingual Computing Magazine: I am convinced that SYSTRAN will always play a major role in the future of computer-aided translation (CAT), as it is surely one of the best Machine Translation solutions available. (Thomas Wabmer is a biologist, multimedia developer and web designer who works as a consultant, freelance translator, software reviewer and information specialist.)

To Learn more about using automatic translation software in your company and how it can be a benefit, check out our website for full information on our Spanish converter or request information by email or phone us Toll Free 1-800-771-9383 (internationally at 813-949-9383). Learn more for details on the products.


Largest Dictionaries with easy to see Alternative Meanings for Words!

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Translation Memory Tools The new features in the latest Version are awesome! Perfect for Translators.
Susan Richards

Impressive Software
This software has saved us thousands of dollars in translation costs! I will be recommending you and your products others! Tom Landon

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