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Translate without Internet Connection

One of the big drawbacks of an online translator tools is that you need a good Internet connection to be able to use them. No Internet, no translator.

Imagine you're travelling to a foreign country on business. Even if you do find an Internet connection available, the fees can be very high and you may discover that all you have is an unreliable Internet connection that keeps disconnecting every few minutes. Not to mention that you don't know how secure the connection is and you can risk compromising your confidential documents.

That's why SYSTRAN's translation software is a safe bet because you don't need an Internet connection to use it! Once installed on your laptop, the translation software is available to you anytime and you can access it and translate without Internet connection.

When offline translation software comes in handy

There are so many situations and reasons why you may need to have access to your translator tool when you don't have an Internet connection, such as:

  • When you're travelling to foreign countries: When you're planning a business trip to a foreign country, the last thing you should worry about is the lack of an Internet connection that may make it difficult to communicate in a foreign language. With Systran's desktop translation software, you no longer have to worry about Internet fees or unreliable connections because you can use it offline to translate all your documents and presentations.
  • When you work with documents that are confidential: Many companies want to keep data and company information secure. Always be prepared and use our translation software offline to translate your documents safely and securely on your own computer.
  • When you're at a conference: Imagine you are going to a conference in a foreign country and you need to translate a presentation but there's no Internet connection. Having the desktop translator can help save the day.
  • When you move abroad for business: If you're moving abroad for a few weeks or months, you might consider going to coffee shops to connect to the Internet. However, wireless connections are known to be unsecure and you might risk other people accessing your confidential documents. Using Systran's desktop translator can help keep your documents safe and also reduce the costs associated with getting your work done.

Planning a business trip soon? Don't delay, get your desktop translation software today and translate without internet connection no matter where you are!

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