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M. Murray, Professional Translator


"I do a lot of translation work and this software will make my job much easier. When we received the sample translation I was very impressed with it. I still had to do some editing, but it's still a very helpful software. "


D. Hardin, Corporate


"I recently purchased the Systan Translation Software to help with the English / Portuguese translation. I was warned by others not to expect too much, most of the translation software on the market is not that good."

"It's only been a couple of months and I use this software almost everyday in e-mail, memos, drafting agendas and letter writing. The conversion is pretty slick, the natives can respond in Portuguese and I'll convert to English. Obviously, no software is perfect, but this software has been a huge help."

"On my first trip to Brazil I would take my laptop around the office to talk with people via the software, the people loved it. I even took my software to a restaurant, I was not planning to talk to the waiter via my software but he got a kick out of it too. For the money spent, its a great tool to have."


L. Dillon, President/CEO, Professional Translator/Interpreter


"I bought your Basic European pack a while ago and I'm pleasantly surprised to see what your software can do. "

"I'm an interpreter who speaks 4 languages fluently. While a computer will never replace a human's interpretation and translation skills, it can certainly be a great aid. "

"Of all the different kinds of software I have seen, yours is definitely the best! "

"Also your sales rep., was very knowledgeable, professional, courteous and helpful in explaining the software. Thanks again!"


R. Peter, Business Traveler, Corporate


"First, let me start by telling you about my experiences with your product. Most of my business is dealing with companies located in Spanish speaking countries and it became quite apparent that I needed help in the translation of documents and general conversation. "

"My initial thought was to engage a translator, however that was not always convenient, consequently I decided to try your software which I found out about searching the internet. "

"Here are the benefits that I am getting from the software:"

" 1. Accurate translations"

" 2. I am saving a great deal of time "

"3. I am saving a lot of money "

"4. It's easy of use "

"5. Tremendous product support (most important as far as I am concerned since, as you well know, I get to talk to a live person who answers my questions and helps me along with short cuts and general "tips".

"6. Can be used as a learning tool to study the language particularly when used with other products such as Rosetta Stone. My colleagues are a bit impressed with my ability to write and understand the language. "

"They really think I am making great strides in understanding and communicating in Spanish (which I am with help from your product and other teaching tools). I strongly endorse the use of the software and believe it is of great benefit to anyone not proficient in a foreign language. "


D. de Kooker, Business Traveler, Corporate


"This is to good to be true, it is also very accurate in the translations. I think this software is a good value for money. "

"I received the link, software downloaded, installed and the software is working magic, from normal chat messages to translating complete websites. "

"I not only used the english to chinese, but also used english to portuguese, dutch to english, japanese to english. "

"I used the software to translate complete chinese websites, in my search for accomodation in Hong Kong in a couple of weeks.


Nour, Professional Translator


" I will be sure to recommend you to any other translators who may be looking to purchase software."

"We were finally able to download the product and install it. It's running now."

" Thank you so much for all your help. You've been really fantastic and I will be sure to recommend you to any other translators who may be looking to purchase software. "


Mary, Houston, TX, Personal User


"I am very happy to recommend your company and your excellent customer service to other potential customers."

"I really appreciate your going the 'extra mile' today. With less than 24 hours before my departure to Italy, I was extremely nervous about getting the translation software purchased and downloaded on such short notice, especially since it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving. "

"Your easy to understand explanation and cheerful comments were just what I needed to get the software installed and checked out.


E. Chism, Former U.S. Diplomat to Panama, Professional Translator


"We got the matter resolved with your assistance and the manuscript of 117,000 plus words is now in the Spanish language. It will now be rather simple to go through and adapt the words that need massaging. "

"We are quite impressed with this tool and know it will be a valuable asset for a long time to come. I myself am as close to perfectly bilingual in English - Spanish as anyone may be and served for a number of years as a U.S. Dipomat in the region. "

"With this software and particularly with the WORLD language package, we could possibly establish a small Globalization Business, here in Panama. Something for us to consider. I will be in contact and in the meantime, please be assured of our gratitude for your support and excellence. "


Marlene, Consultant, Corporate


" I do not like to spend money but I enjoyed spending it with you and your company. It is easy to recommend you and your company to others. "

"Thank you so much for your knowledge and wonderful interaction with customers. "

"I am a retired Chief of Customer Service for the Army in Germany. Customer respect and assistance is so much more important than people think."

" I was not knowledgeable about the translation program. I just knew the one we had was not around and we needed one. "

"Thank you for explaining your programs. Thank you for being such a pleasant person."

Your company is so WISE ensuring that the public has a great and knowledgeable person to talk to. "


J. Canoura Sr., Investment Company, Corporate


"I want to express my gratitude for your professional service and also for the quality of the product, a product that I recommend ."

"Thank you again, and keep me inform when a new product comes to the market."


B. Miller, Attorney, Author
Book: Labor Code of the Republic of Panama


"Note: A hospital had asked us for a reference of a company or translator that was using Systran Premium version. We rarely do this but we asked a previous customer to share his experience with Systran Translation Software with the hospital. Here is the letter he wrote to the hospital's Interpreter Coordinator (who now also owns the software):"

"Dear Ms. Marrow: I like the program. It is not perfect but it gives me an excellent sense of what is being said, which is quite sufficient since a literal, un-nuanced translation of text doesn't work awfully well. Some massaging is inevitably required. And the more complex the text or the more technical the language, the more the effort required to polish the final version into a readable, idiomatic translation. "

"Perhaps the best thing for me is that I am certain when I am done, I haven't dropped any text or missed any word. If you need perfection, you won't find it in this program -- you'll get better results, albeit at higher cost, if you use a very competent professional translator and you'll keep your blood pressure down, too. "

"On the other hand, if you are willing to do some of the work yourself, you'll wind up with excellent results and lots of savings in terms of time and money. (If you do use a professional, by the way, you'll get the best results if you use someone whose native language is the one that you're translating into and who, if the text is technical, has training in that field.) "

"I have used Systran to translate about 2,500 pages of (for me) difficult Panamanian statutes. I could not have done it at my then current level of proficiency without Systran and even today, when I read Spanish fairly fluently, I would not dream of getting involved in a translation without using this product. I hope that this is helpful. I don't like to play "on the one hand . . . but on the other hand"; however, the value and usefulness of this product will depend on you and how you like to work. I paid through the teeth -- as will you -- for Systran and I still think that I got the better of the bargain! "


Natilia, Personal User


"I received my software today. Thank you very much. "

"I am very pleased with this purchase. It is a really amazing translating software. Thank you very, very much! I love it. "


Courtney, Business Cordinator, Milling Company


"The translation software has helped tremendously... I really appreciate your willingness to work with me. I have never experienced greater customer service.""

"We are translating documents for a company that needs to communicate with the manufacturer for both design and materials."


B. Long, Retired, World Traveler


"Just tried it - what an excellent application! "

"We're off to France for six weeks next Saturday and, although my wife speaks Franglaise it will be an invaluable aid. I on the other hand, only speak three languages; English, Rubbish and Obscene! "

"Thanks for your help - great customer service - Please pass on my comments to your manager/boss. "

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