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French Translation Software

French Translation Software

Translate any type of text from English to French or French to English with translation software.

Systran's French translation software can convert English / French with an impressive high level of accuracy. Systran has proven track record of success and is the leader in the development of translation technology.

Systran's award winning translation engine will analyze individual words as well as the grammatical structure of the sentence to determine the translation, making the translated results more fluid and easy to read.

You can translate any type of text document including, French emails, Microsoft Word Documents, Text, Web pages, Files, Chat, Correspondence, Power Point, Excel, and more with just the click of your mouse!

Systran's French translation software for every budget, making translating French affordable for everyone! Now you can translate most of the documents on your own, requiring the services of translator to tweak results and proof critical documents. If you require document translation too frequently, the use of this software will result in significant savings.

Choose a which version of French Translation software that best meets your needs.

Translate English to French

(English to / from French)

Systran Essentials Translator - French Language

Translate documents inside Microsoft Office applications. Translate MS Word, Excel, and Power Point. Build additional dictionary with up to 500 entries and you may never have the need to hire services of a translator. (note: This version does not support PDF')

Sale Prices start at: $79.00

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French Translator

(English to / from French)

Systran Professional Translator - French Language

Get the highest level of accuracy available with our Professional version! With this software you get all the features found in the Essentials Translator version plus advanced expert level tools to train the software for increased productivity and accuracy. Also includes larger dictionaries filled with millions of additional terms and phrases.

Translate large documents in Systran File Manager or your Microsoft Office software with plug ins for Word, Outlook Email, Excel, and Power Point files.

Support for PDF conversion allows you to translate PDF Files. Translation of additional file formats such as: TXT, RTF, DOC and HTML Files.

Includes 21 additional dictionaries - industry specific dictionaries filled with thousands of additional terms that produce even more accurate translations in certain industries.

Build Additional Dictionaries - up to 20,000 entries. Direct export of words to your dictionary and build one dictionary for all languages.

Translation Memory - up to 40,000 entries allow you to train the software to learn complete sentences and phrases. A tool many companies use to increase productivity and cut costs.

Sale Prices start at: $249.00

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Client Server Edition

(English to / from French)

Systran Enterprise

Network Solutions for Client / Server

Two products available for a corporate solution. Systran Enterprise Online Translation Tools (web based) and Systran Application Packs (Client / Server). Now corporate enterprises have an easy solution for French English translation and English French translation

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French Language Web Converter

(English to / from French)

Systran Links

Website Translation / API

Translate your web site on the fly for visitors. This is an added service to provide to your web visitors. SYSTRAN Links is a turnkey web site translation solution. By adding simple code to your web site you can translate it into different languages.

SYSTRAN Links transforms standard web sites and content applications into interactive multilingual hubs, all within seconds. Isn't that a great service to offer to your global visitors!.

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With French Translation Software you can:
  • Translate French Emails
  • Translate Web Pages
  • Translate Web sites
  • Translate Word Documents
  • Translate PDF Files
  • Translate RTF, TXT & DOC

  • Translate Excel
  • Translate Power Point
  • Translate Chat