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TranslatorsCafe.com - Where professional translators hang out online. Post a job to find a freelancer or an agency.


Translation Agencies

Lion Bridge - One of the largest and most respected translation agencies in the world. Lionbridge has global teams located in 26 countires.

Lionbridge is a leader in translation technology and utilizes Systran software as part of the workflow and automation process, in combination with translation memory, terminology management, and human translation. Translation and localization processes are proven to be more efficient for the company's clients and translators.

Blue South - Blue South's translation service is unique, they work exclusively with business clients. (Located in New Zealand but services clients from around the world)

“The best business translations are done by Translators who understand the subject matter and who live in the country of their language. Topic Targeted Translators™ live in the country of their language, immersed in the culture and in touch with current trends to ensure that business translations are tailored to the target audience and use an appropriate and current style.

Located around the World, Blue South Translators translate English to and from the languages of the world.
The Management team is in New Zealand, always in contact with clients, on the same time zone and the hub of the global Blue South team.

A blend of superb linguistic skills and business experience means that we understand your business requirements and can deliver the translation service that businesses require”



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