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SYSTRAN Training Videos

Systran Training Videos

This video training series will help you to learn the Systran software faster than from a manual. Although you can translate documents with just one click, there are ways to control the software even more to deliver a higher level of accuracy.

In the past your only option was to learn from a manual. Now this new video training series provides easy to follow instructions on how to setup and use your software faster.

Self-paced training videos will guide you through SYSTRAN's key product features. You'll learn proper techniques, tips and tricks to converting documents with the higher accuracy.

Learn Systran like a master and enjoy getting the full benefits of the software.

These videos cannot be purchased separately, they are exclusively available from Imagiforce with our Premium Training Bundle.

Videos have not been officially released yet. Take advantage of this pre-release offer, you will get access now to the vdeos that have been completed!



Exclusive: This training series is not available without purchase. Training is included with Premium version.