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Best French Language Converter

Get the the most accurate French converter solution available and translate your French or English documents with just 1 click.

With the French to English converter from Systran, you get the full package and more. You can translate any type of French or English document in seconds and still keep its original format.

It's not easy to find a reliable French to English converter software that translates your text accurately while still keeping the original formatting of your documents intact. With Systran's French converter, this is an easy task that can be completed faster than you would think.


What is a French Converter and Why You Need it

With the French to English converter from Sytran you can instantly translate any type of French and English document, thus saving valuable time with translation projects. Our French converter is so easy to use that anyone from professional translators to company staff members can use it to translate French and English text.

When you use Systran, you have access to both the English to French provider as well as the French to English converter. This means that you can translate full documents from French to English and vice versa while keeping their original formatting. E-mail, Word documents, PDFs, Excel, web pages, twitter, Facebook, chat, Power Point and more can all be converter into French or English with just one click.


Top reasons to choose our Systran's French to English converter

Systran's Most Accurate Language

It's true Systran is the leader in translation technology but out all the languages, the French translator is thier flagship product. This language delivers very impressive translations!

  • Quick conversion with just 1 easy click
    It’s extremely easy to use the French to English converter or the English to French converter. Just choose the language in which you would like to translate, French or English, and click convert!
  • Keep the original formatting
    If you are working with official documents, then formatting it important and you definitely don’t want to spend another hour or two re-formatting the document upon translation. With Systran’s French converter, you don’t have to worry about that because the formatting is kept intact, no matter the format of the text – Word, Power Point, E-mail, or others.
  • Advanced editing tools for a highly accurate translation
    When you get the French converter, you also receive access to the great editing tools- the Interactive Translator and the Project Manager. These two tools allow you to proofread and make changes to the translated text by showing you both the original and the converted texts side by side. Please note that the side by side feature is only available with the French Converter Business and Premium packages.
  • Save time and money
    When you use Systran's French converter, you are actually cutting costs and saving hours of work. You can finally have time to focus on other important tasks, while our software translates and converts your documents for you. So many professional translators are already using our English to French converter to save time and reduce the workflow considerably, and so can you.

Don't miss out, get your French converter today!


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