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French Translation Dictionary

Bonjour! Are you looking for a French translation dictionary to translate conversations, emails, or other type of documents? Systran provides the largest dictionaries with millions of terms to help you achieve the highest level of accuracy possible.

The French translation dictionary provides translations for single words, phrases, expressions and entire documents in a matter of seconds. This will not only save you time, but also thousands of dollars in translation costs.


Why You Need a French Translation Dictionary

Systran is known to have the largest dictionaries available so the chances are you will be able to translate accurately any document from French to English and English to French. You can also use the dictionary in your day-to-day conversations with foreign friends or email exchanging with clients. With our French translation dictionary you can rest assured that you will get the highest level of accuracy for your translations.

Systran’s French translation dictionary includes the complete Larousse Dictionary, FREE with our software. This is the most recognized French dictionary that normally costs $100 by itself, but with our software it’s completely free so you can use it as a reference and get the most accurate translation.

With our French translation dictionary you can:

  • Quickly access French words and common expressions with our general dictionary.
  • Bundled with the entire Larousse dictionary, FREE with our software
  • Instantly translate French terms from different domains like computer, science, military, and more. With Systran’s dictionaries, you know you will find an appropriate translation for technical words.
  • Get alternate meanings to the words you’re looking for and choose the ones that fit the context. This is one of the features that makes this an invaluable tool to any professional translator.
  • Build additional dictionaries to work more efficiently.
  • Save time with memory tools. Train the dictionary to learn phrases and get a higher accuracy for your translations.



Designed for both Home Users and Professionals

Systran’s French translation dictionary is so easy to use that any person can use it, be it student, employee, professional translator. The Home and Office packages include a general dictionary with all the words you need to translate French terms and phrases. If you are a professional translator and need an advanced solution that includes specialized dictionaries for tehnical, we recommend the Business or Premium packages. These will allow you to find alternate meanings for a higher accuracy as well as save time by building additional dictionaries.

With Systran’s largest French translation dictionary, there’s nothing else you need to get a translation with the highest level of accuracy. Check out our packages below and get your French translation dictionary today! You won’t find a better one elsewhere.


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