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Did you know that the Japanese language is spoken by 120 million people? And did you know that Japan is the 4th largest national economy in the world in terms of power of purchasing? This makes it a great country to grow your business.

Considering the different writing system, Japanese is a difficult language to learn. Systran’s Japanese translation software is extremely helpful if you are looking to do business in Japan and want to be able to understand Japanese emails and documents that are being sent to you.

With Systran’s latest technology you can translate Japanese documents without spending years learning the language and also without spending thousands of dollars in translation costs.


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Systran offer a wide variety of English and Japanese translation solutions that can convert everything from text, to full documents and now can offer speech translators.

We offer software for your single computer or you can move up to the most professional packages with our client / server solutions that run on a network. Check out our current sales for the lowest prices on Systran products and get yours today!

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