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Need a Translator? Use your Computer

Language translation software used to only be referred to as machine translation. The first machine translation project was created back in 1954, you can probably imagine how different translating software is today. Language translation software uses complex algorithms or set of computer instructions to analyze, parse text and perform translation.


Translate Foreign Language Documents

Translate Today’s translation software is bi-directional. For example, you can translate from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English with the same software application.
Bi-directional translation software is readily available today for the languages of English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Polish, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Arabic and many more under development. The bi-directional software can translate Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint Slides, Outlook and Outlook Express documents, Email messages, PDF files, HTML, web pages, text, and more.

The most popular business translation software used today is Systran software. Systran’s translation engine has been proven to be one of the most reliable and accurate on the market today. Systran translation software has been in existence for a long time and has been continuously improved as advances in computing technology have occurred.


Language Translation Software


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How Does it Work?

Language translation software uses complex algorithms to analyze the text and perform the translation from one language to another. As you probably know, each language has its own set of different grammar rules and the software should be able to look at this in order to determine the proper translation. What makes translation software more accurate than before is that now you can train it to increase accuracy. The software has translation memory and it uses the linguistic rules from the previously translated documents to get better results.


How Accurate is Automatic Translator Software?

Language translation software gets better and more accurate as the technology is improving. Over the past three years, experts in the industry have been working on adding innovative features in order to make it more accurate than ever. Using translation software is a great way to reduce translation costs and increase productivity. Just imagine it takes just a click of your mouse and a few seconds to translate a whole document, in whatever format it’s in.

Although it’s very easy to translate any type of document, remember that it’s not 100% accurate and if you’re translating important documents, you may also need a translator to proofread it for you.

Accuracy of the translation can vary by language. You can improve the accuracy by training the software using the additional features and tools in the software.


You Can Easily Improve the Accuracy

Systran's Dictionary Builder and Translation Memory Improves the Accuracy

The most accurate translation software will first produce a rough draft of the translation. To achieve higher accuracy the software can be trained to understand additional terminology and phrases.

Example: The word "mouse" is a rodent, but in computer terms this word refers to a computer device. You can turn on the Computer Dictionary in the Professional Premium version of the software (which already contains the word mouse as a computer term), or you can add the word mouse to your new custom dictionary.

Good translation software gives you additional tools and filters that allow you to train and control the software. Higher accuracy can be achieved by adding your own specific terms to custom dictionaries. Phrases and complete sentences can be added to translation memory which can reduce repetitive editing and typing, andincrease the accuracy to the level of publishable results. The ability to customize the software to be more accurate makes it even more invaluable to many companies worldwide.


Will Translation Software Replace Human Translators?

Many professional translators are afraid that translation software will replace them. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Actually translation software is being used by more and more human translators to increase their productivity and save their customers' time. Translation software has proven to be a useful tool and timesaving device, but you still need need human intervention in order to maintain the quality of translation needed in businesses today.

Even though you can use the best translation software on the market, it still cannot completely replace a professional translator because language is too complex. You need a human translator to tweak the results and proof critical documents. The amount of translation needed is overwhelming and beyond the capability of human translators. The need for translation in general has grown immensely in the last few years. Read below what our customers have to say about translation software.


Dow Corning Corporation: Cost Savings - "The seconds of machine time per page with Systran (translation software) is dramatically less than the hours per page of a human translator. It doesn't take many pages to recover the cost of the PC and the Systran Software."

Multilingual Computing Magazine: "I am convinced that SYSTRAN will always play a major role in the future of computer-aided translation (CAT), as it is surely one of the best Machine Translation solutions available." (Thomas Wabmer is a biologist, multimedia developer and web designer who works as a consultant, freelance translator, software reviewer and information specialist.)

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