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Automatically translate foreign languages with a the highest accuracy. 
Perfect for individuals, small businesses and large companies alike. 

Key Feature

Full Document Translation
Retains Format

Key Feature

Highest Accuracy
Reduces Translation Costs

Key Feature

Highly Secure Translations
Data Privacy/ Compliance

Secure Translation Software

Translate Documents PDF, WORD, Excel, PowerPoint, Speech & More

Excellent for both PC and Mac Users!

Translate Full Documents

Accurately translate complete documents and retain formatting in PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint Outlook, with support for images, Zip files, JSON and more.  

Secure Online or Offline Options

Document confidentiality and security is our specialty. Choose between our On-Premise, Public Cloud or Private Cloud solutions.

Over 140 Languages

Over 50 languages in more than 140 language combinations with additional languages available upon request.

Language Translation Software

SYSTRAN Features Overview

With SYSTRAN’s proprietary neural machine translation engine PNMT™ technology, translations are more accurate than ever before.

Much like a human translator would learn to translate, the Pure Neural translation engine is powered by Ai (Artificial Intelligence), that simulates the human brain, which has led to remarkable improvements in translation accuracy and fluency and is more comparable to human quality translations.

Available in On Premise and Cloud Solutions

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SYSTRAN Translation Software

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SYSTRAN Translation Cloud

SYSTRAN Translate Cloud

Cloud / Subscription

  • Translate in the Cloud
  • Choose Your Features
  • Powerful Secure Servers
  • Internet Required
  • Highly Accurate Translations
  • Ai Translation Technology
  • Side by Side Editing Tools
  • Up to 140+ Language Pairs
  • API Available
  • Monthly / Annual Subscription

The highly accurate, Pure Neural translation technology using artificial intelligence is now available in a secure cloud solution that protects your data.

Designed for companies, professional translators and more.

Translation Engine: Pure Neural Engine (AI)

Prices Start at $15.49 per month

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SYSTRAN On Premise Server

On-Premise / Your Server

  • Downloadable
  • Installs on Your Server
  • Secure behind your Firewall
  • No Internet Required
  • Highly Accurate Translations
  • Ai Translation Technology
  • Side by Side Editing Tools
  • Choose from 140+ Language Pairs
  • API Available
  • Annual or Perpetual Licenses

On-Premise software that installs on your own server for those that need to keep translations behind your own firewall for security compliance reasons.

Perfect for small and large companies.

Translation Engine: Pure Neural (AI) 

Variable Price / Quote Required

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Translator Software

SYSTRAN Desktop Downloadable

Installs on Your Computer

  • Downloadable
  • No Internet Required
  • Unlimited Translations
  • No Monthly Subscription
  • Gisting Level Accuracy
  • Rule Based Technology
  • Build Additional Dictionaries
  • Requires Windows 10

Note: This product being discontinued

Although this product has been discontinued, we still have a limited amount in stock. This SYSTRAN product can be downloaded and installed on your own computer.

Please note, this is not as accurate as the New SYSTRAN Translate Pro, it does not utilize the new AI technology but it does work offline. 

Translation Engine: Legacy Rule Based

Downloadable Prices Start at $149.00

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