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Military Translation Solutions

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The US Department of Defense and US Armed Forces

SYSTRAN has been the leading supplier of translation technology for the United States Department of Defense and the US Armed Forces for over 40 years. In fact, our powerful software is being used extensively by many US government agencies, including the Federal Agencies, the FBI, the CIA as well as governments around the world.

All these agencies and governments rely on Systran’s professional translation software to translate information from multiple languages into English. This helps them understand and analyze information as well as communicate with other agencies and governments from different countries around the world. Thanks to the comprehensive military dictionary available with our professional package, Systran makes it easy to translate any government documents.


The Challenge

The volume of content that needs to be translated by the Department of Defense, Armed Services and other National Security Agencies is staggering and continues to increase dramatically with today's surging multilingual environment. In addition, the number of required languages is also increasing as the popularity of the Internet and our ways of communicating online continue to diversify.

An automated translation solution can save agencies and governments from spending a fortune on an army of human translators so they can manage to keep up with the ever-increasing volume of content that needs to be translated from and into multiple languages. Software is not only an efficient way to meet the translation challenge but also a reliable and safe method to handle confidential security-related materials.


SYSTRAN's Professional Solutions

The Department of Defense, the Military and various National Security Agencies are already using one of Systran’s solutions to successfully manage the massive amount of translations:

SYSTRAN Premium – A powerful desktop translator that can reproduce large documents with a click of a mouse and without requiring Internet access. Many agencies around the world find this version extremely useful for daily communication and document translation.

SYSTRAN Enterprise – A client/ server class software that allows thousands of users to access the software both online and offline. In addition, you have the ability to improve the translation by building additional comprehensive dictionaries and translation memories.

SYSTRAN USG – A reliable and completely secure version specifically designed for translation of Government-related materials. It’s designed as a SaaS model so it can be used successfully by large government agencies.

Integrate SYSTRAN Enterprise Server to:

  • Produce documents for quick and easy review
  • Reduce translation costs and increase productivity
  • Search and elimate data that does not require human analysis
  • Train the system to recognize specific terms and phrases
  • Create translation software for additional languages

SYSTRAN's Language Translation API

SYSTRAN’s Enterprise Server comes with a complex translation engine that combines Rule Based and Statistical Technologies to make it easier to accurately translate large volumes of documents almost instantly.

To achieve higher levels of accuracy, you can customize the software so it can learn to translate specific terminology from any industry. Take advantage of the built-in comprehensive dictionary tools to create targeted words or phrases thus saving more time on future translations.

Foreign Language Translation API


SYSTRAN Training Server

SYSTRAN’s Training server is one of the most innovative and useful additions to the product line. You can use it to automatically train and customize the software so it can produce translations almost as accurate as those produced by professional human translators.

When you use the training server on existing bilingual corpora, the software can automatically build statistical models and translation memories from previously translated documentation. This helps you save hours or even days of work on future translations.

SYSTRAN Training Server


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