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Spanish Translation Software, Can it Really be that Easy?

Often in today’s world there is a need to translate documents from English to Spanish. In the past, all language translation had to be done manually by someone who was fluent in both languages. However, today the alternative exists to use language translation software to translate your documents. The software translation is never 100% accurate, due to the variations possible in written languages. However, the translation can be good enough for you to understand the basic meaning of the document.



What is Gisting Level Translation?

Translation software companies often refer to something called “gisting level translation.” You may have heard the phrase to “get the gist” of something. For example, if you have a basic understanding of computers, then you can easily “get the gist” of an article written about a new hardware or software product.

In language translation, gisting level translation refers to the fact that the software is able to translate a document well enough so that you can “get the gist” of the original document. You will likely find words out of place, or grammar oddities within the software translated document, but you will be able to read it enough to understand its basic information. You will easily be able to get the gist a document which has been translated using an English to Spanish converter.

If you do not write the language you will be translating a document into, it is always a good business practice to let the person receiving the document know that you have used a software translator. When they see words out of place then they will most likely understand what the software was trying to say.

It is also a good business practice to send along a copy of the original English document with the one which has been translated by software. By sending someone both documents, you allow them the opportunity to review the translation for themselves if they have any questions.

What is Publishable Level Translation?

If you have a need to translate English to Spanish, or translate Spanish to English, then you can easily get a gisting level translation using software. However, if you have the need to have 100% accuracy in your translation, then you require what is often referred to as a publishable level translation. A publishable level translation always requires someone who is bilingual in both languages to proof the software translation for accuracy and clarity.

While software translation offers you a wonderful alternative when you simply need a gisting level translation, if you require a publishable level translation you will need to have the assistance of someone who is bilingual in both languages to clean-up the software translation. However, by first being translated through software, the human translation should take less time and cost your company less money.

Improve the Gisting level to almost Publishable level Translations with Software

Our professional language translation software packages come with tools designed to increase the accuracy of a gisting level translation. Dictionary and terminology builder, sentence review tools, translation memory, and industry specific technical dictionaries are just of a few of the tools. These customization tools can be used to increase the readability of software translated documents by allowing you to add in words, phrases and abbreviations which are unique to your business and industry.

In addition, because the grammar and spelling you use directly affects the translation quality, it is very important to use proper grammar and spelling within documents you will be translating; the better the original document, the better the resulting translation!

Translating Spanish to English or English to Spanish is Easy

Translation software is EASY to use! You can just open a document, click translate and it is suddenly converted into the other language. Your first translation will give you a gist of the document's meaning.

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