Why you should be translating Brazilian Portuguese for your Business

Today the most widely used Portuguese dialects are European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. Continental Portugal, the motherland of all Portuguese colonies, is where the language originated and then it spread to exotic locations around the world.   Brazil now holds the linguistic power,  not just because it’s the fifth-largest country in terms of land mass and population but also because of its economy. In fact, Brazil has proved to be an upcoming power in the world of business and commerce which is why so [...]

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Tips for Portuguese Translation and Search Engine Optimization

When translating your website pages, white papers or online marketing materials from English to Portuguese, a word-for-word translation will not work. If you want to get the same or even better SEO results, you must first research, localize and adapt your content for the Portuguese target audience. So, what can you do to stay on top of the game when translating your English content to Portuguese? In this article, we will cover a few things you can do to ensure you optimize your [...]

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