China is home to one of the most complex and oldest civilizations in the world. It’s a very large country and also extremely diverse from one province to another.

Business opportunities abound in China today which is why many Western business people find themselves in the enviable position of getting to travel to this country looking to expand their businesses. So, if you’re traveling to China on business, there are a few things unique to the Chinese people that you should be aware of.

Building Business Relationships

Chinese prefer to conduct business with people they know personally or those who have been introduced by someone they know and respect. For a company located outside of China to do business in this country generally requires a third-party Chinese introduction.

Business Introductions

When introductions are made in China, it is the oldest person who will be introduced first. The Chinese often look at the ground while shaking hands, this is normal behavior to be expected.

Business Cards

In China business cards are exchanged after introductions are completed and everyone has shaken hands. You should offer your card in both hands and accept those from others with a single hand. You should never write on a Chinese business person’s business card in their presence, unless they have asked you to. If you are trying to establish ongoing business relationships in China, it is a good idea to have your business cards translated into Chinese on their backside, and have them printed on simplified Chinese characters in gold ink.

Teamwork and Individuality

The Chinese follow the ancient philosopher Confucius’s teachings and believe that the group always comes before the individual. If someone disagrees with another, they will remain silent and discuss the issue in private, because to do so in a public meeting would cause both parties to lose face.

The Chinese people communicate using the Cantonese and Mandarin languages. When you’re conducting business in China, it’s very important to be able to communicate with your Chinese counterparts in one of these two languages. To help you communicate better, you can order Chinese translation software which will translate your text into Mandarin and Cantonese for you.

Why use Chinese Translation Software?

We’ve already established just how important it is to use Mandarin or Cantonese when doing business in China. So, if you want your business travels to this country to be successful, translation software might be the perfect solution for you to seal the deal because it can help you:

• Convert any type of text from English to Cantonese / Mandarin and from Cantonese / Mandarin to English
• Translate e-mail messages and documents
• Translate business letters, memorandum, and report
• Convert Word, Excel, Power Point and PDF files.

Tip: If you rely on software completely to do the translation and do not have human to proof your document, send both the English and the translation version and put a note on it to let the recipient know you have used software to do the translation for you. This way if there is any question they can refer back to the original English document.

Final Thoughts

As a major player on the international business world, China receives many business visitors from other countries each day. You can help yourself be more successful in China by being able to translate your thoughts and ideas into Chinese easily and be better understood.

Find out more about Chinese translation software and see how it can help you when traveling to China on business. Remember the connection rates in China can be expensive, be sure you are able to communicate anytime and anywhere on your trip.