The world is shrinking. So, if you’re a business owner you’re probably looking for efficient solutions to promote and sell your products and services internationally. Entering a global market has a lot of perks, including increased revenue for your company.

But to reach multilingual audiences, you need to speak their language. According to a survey ran by Common Sense Advisory, more than 70% of costumers said that they would be more likely to buy a product or service with information in their own language. In other words, if they can’t read, they won’t buy!

That means that if you want to reach customers in different foreign countries, you need to have your business site translated into their native languages. The website localization process can be both time and money-consuming but you’re in luck because we have just the solution for you –  one that is quick, affordable and effective.

It’s called SYSTRANLinks and it provides you with everything you need to translate your website in any languages you want, and in a matter a seconds. Unlike traditional translation software, SYSTRANLinks is much more flexible, giving you complete control over the results.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Read more to see what innovative tools and features SYSTRANLinks has in store for you…

Total Website Reproduction in Multiple Languages

Translating your entire website is a breeze, no matter how large it is. Simply log into your admin panel and you’ll be in control every step of the translation process. Select the languages you would like your website translated into and in a just a couple of clicks a complete website is recreated in your chosen languages.

Admin Log-in

Also, as you can see from the above screenshot, the interface is so user-friendly that you won’t need any technical knowledge to navigate through the various web pages, make changes and control any aspect of the conversion process.

Collaborative Cloud Styled Platform

SYSTRANLinks gives you access to an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) that allows you add, edit and manage content. You can even have other professionals collaborate, assign tasks so you know who is reviewing and editing which website or web pages and simply manage the workflow more efficiently.

Translated Sentence Review

Some websites need 100% accuracy while others may just need a good gisting level that allows visitors to understand the content on your site.

If you hire a translator, there has never been an easier way for them to just proof and edit specific sections. With the new SYSTRANLinks you can focus on the most critical sections of your site or go ahead and have a translator do a full proof and edit. If you’re reproducing your site into multiple languages, managing the workflow of 3-4-10 translators at the same time will be a breeze. You’ll know which pages are done, which ones need to be approved and what’s the overall status of each project or task.

Many people surfing the web are bilingual and love to contribute so why not get your visitors involved? The interface allows you to turn on a Suggestion tool where your visitors can suggest alternative translations. They’ll love it, you’ll see.

Increase Productivity with Dictionary Tools

Increase productivity with a fantastic range of professional contextual tools. Using the Sentence Toolkit you can easily choose between different translations from different sources such as Systran’s high-performance hybrid engine, Translation Memory (retrieved from your previous translations), crow suggestions and other sources.



Manage Multilingual Images

Graphics and images are among the biggest issues when translating a website. Now you can translate and store your images to match the translated text. Simply click on any image to see it in the original web pages and, next to it, the translated image you have created. In the past keeping track of multilingual images for a large site was huge task by itself. Now with the new system everything is organized for you!


Keep in mind that translation software currently cannot automatically translate text on an image.  This means that you’ll need to create translated versions of your original image into the languages you’re reproducing your site into. Don’t worry though, the ability to translate even the text in an image is being developed and will be available in a future version once the technology is perfected.


Automatic SEO for multilingual customers

Create websites that are automatically optimized for multilingual customers, making it easier for them to find your sites on the Internet.


Every element of your website is extracted, from the meta-data to the entire content. This means that your important title tags, meta descriptions and other meta data is automatically translated into the languages of your choice. For even more SEO benefits choose a higher level that allows you to show the pages are hosted on your own webserver.

Why is this so different?

In the past, you could automatically translate your site but nothing was stored so it could not be indexed by search engines. Now your site is completely reproduced in the languages you want. Each site is individually managed and the powerful review tools allow you to proof and edit any section while the system keeps all your changes. New content being added? No problem, the system automatically translates the new content as it’s being added to the site.

Never before has there been such a cost effective and comprehensive way to translate your website. Learn more about SYSTRANLinks Website Translator.

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