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Brand Monitoring Language Translation Tools - API

Brand Monitoring Language Translation Tool API

What is Brand Monitoring?

With so many companies offering similar products, the brand name becomes the strongest selling point in the quest for customers.  By monitoring brands, companies not only are able to see what other companies are doing, but they will also be able to ensure their own company sets itself apart from the rest.  As companies are now able to compete in a global market, it’s essential to have translation services for brand, trademark, and patent marketing.


Use Brand Monitoring For Success

Whether through social media monitoring or through simply looking at what a competitor is doing, it makes sense for companies to monitor brands.  Brands change and evolve as the market does.  By watching the progress of other companies, they can make adjustments to help improve their chances of success with customers.  Since customers respond to brands over products and how a company appears to the public is now more important than ever, brand monitoring needs to be a part of every marketing strategy.


Systran Translation API and Brand Monitoring for Business

Collecting data can be challenging, many companies are global and informational content can be multilingual. Searching large volumes of data, and the translating that data for further analysis can be a dauting task for any marketing research company but with software the task can be completely automated.

With translation software via the open API from Systran Enterprise Server, businesses will be able to look at the competition, even if they’re on another side of the world.  In translating their marketing materials, feedback from customers, and looking at their trademarks and patents, other businesses will be able to make better decisions about design and innovations.


Translation and Brand Monitoring

Companies around the world are already using translation tools to:
  • Monitor trademarks newly acquired.
  • Monitor patents newly acquired.
  • Track social media trends and conversations
  • Reduce the traditional costs of having a human translator.
  • Enjoy multilingual accuracy across numerous software platforms.

Experienced in helping you find the right solution.

We specialize in helping companies set up Brand Monitoring solutions for companies worldwide.  Let us help you by providing our API expertise in order to help you find a solution for your company and its needs.

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