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The Dutch Language

Dutch is part of the Netherlandic - German group in the western branch of the Germanic languages. Dutch is spoken the Netherlands, the Netherlands overseas territories, the northern half of Belgium, and the northern part of Nord Department in France, near Belgium.

Writing and speaking Dutch can be quite different. For example, written Dutch is much more formal than the spoken in both grammar and vocabulary. One reason for this difference is that written Dutch evolved from the Flemish dialect spoken in the culturally advanced Flanders and Brabant of the 15th cent., whereas modern spoken Dutch grew out of the vernacular of the province of Holland, which became dominant after the 16th cent.

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Dutch is relatively uniform and the spoken language has a number of different dialects but some are so close to each other that they can be grouped together.

The standard form of Netherlandic Dutch differs somewhat from Belgium Dutch or Flemish: Flemish favours older words and is also perceived as "softer" than Netherlandic Dutch, and some Netherlanders find it quaint. In contrast, Netherlandic Dutch is perceived as harsh and guttural to Belgians, and some Belgians perceive it as hostile.

With translation software you can create additional Dutch dictionaries that help you localize the translations.


In addition to the many dialects of the Dutch language many provinces and larger cities have their own accents, which sometimes are also called dialects.


Are Dutch and Flemish the same language?

The official answer is 'they are the same language' as they both keep to the rules set for the language Netherlands. The rules are set so that all common use within the official languages in both the Dutch speaking part of Belgium and the Netherlands follow them, but the people often take the different options. separate language, though the term is often used to distinguish the Dutch spoken in Flanders from that of the Netherlands.

On the practical side, the people speaking 'standard' Dutch from the Netherlands and 'standard' Dutch from Belgium will mostly understand each other with little or no problems, but everybody who knows the language will hear the difference.



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