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Guide to Technical Translations

Working with technical documents can be challenging. A good technical translator must not only know both the original source language and the target language, but he must also understand the topic and the industry's specific terminology.
The great thing about professional and technical documents is that they are generally very well written so they actually translate better than most other documents do!

SYSTRAN comes packed with 21 Technical Dictionaries included with our Premium and Enterprise editions. However, if you need more, SYSTRAN gives you the freedom and flexibility to build your own custom dictionaries with industry specific terminology.

Technical Dictionaries Included

  • Economics
  • Electronics
  • Metallurgy
  • Mathematics
  • Earth Sciences
  • Physics / Atomic Energy
  • Political Science
  • Business
  • Financial
  • Automotive
  • Colloquial
  • Aviation / Space
  • Naval / Maritime
  • Military Science
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Computers / Data
  • Mechanical / Engineering
  • Photography / Optics
  • Food Services
  • Life Sciences

Build your own Additional Dictionaries

One of the key features of SYSTRAN software is the ability to customize the software to learn your industry or company specific terminology. By building your own dictionaries you can provide consistent translations of terms and phrases, even if you have multiple translators working on the same project.

Build your own Term / Phrase Dictionaries

SYSTRAN's User Dictionary allows you to add your own terms and phrases to multiple dictionaries. The software's Project Manager will even extract a list of the most common terms in your document to make it easy for a human translator to review and make changes where needed. All changes will be saved allowing for more accurate future translations.

Build Translation Memories

SYSTRAN has powerful Translation Memory capabilities. In fact, the software can automatically build a complete translation memory from a previously translated document. This is extremely helpful as it will save you valuable time on future translations.

Do Not Translate Options

There are industry terms that need to be retained exactly as they appear in the original version. SYSTRAN allows you to mark these terms or phrases as a "DNT" or "Do Not Translate" entry in your dictionary so you won't have to worry about accidentally translating them in future documents.


Type of Technical Documents you can Translate with Software

You can use SYSTRAN to translate just about any type of technical documents. While the level is accuracy is higher than for other type of documents, it also varies depending upon the document and how it will be used after it's translated.

Excellent for:
  • Technical manuals and User Guides
  • Tender Documents
  • Technical training material
  • Provide multilingual information within your company
  • Patents and competitive research

If you are working with critical documents, you will still require human translators to review and possibly edit your documents. Learn more about how to effectively use software in your workflow, the accuracy level of software and top ways to use translation software to save money.


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