Marketing your products in Quebec, Canada

Setting up a business and selling products in Quebec is not easy but it’s worth it. Unlike consumers in the US and the rest of Canada, Quebecers are not as concerned about price as they are about quality so they’ll quickly become your loyal customers if your products are of high-quality. But there’s more to marketing your products in Quebec than providing a quality product. Read on to find out what you can and cannot do when advertising products in this province. Budget [...]

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What you should know about language regulations in Quebec, Canada

“…[French is the official language of Quebec and its government and law, as well as] the normal and everyday language of work, instruction, communication, commerce and business.” - Preamble of the Charter of the French Language As you probably know, French is the official language of the Canadian providence of Quebec. Passed in 1974, the Charter of the French Language - also known as Bill 101 or Loi 101 - made French the sole official language of Quebec. Before the Charter was passed, [...]

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Larousse dictionary FREE with our French translation software

When using free online dictionaries, chances are you will only be able to find translations for common words. Those are not really helpful when you’re looking to translate technical terms that belong  to specific domains such as computers, economy, science, military or other domains. A general dictionary can be enough if you just want to understand the meaning of a common French word, but when you are dealing with emails or business documents, accuracy is the key and this can only be achieved [...]

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