Imagine you have a PDF document in Spanish that you need to translate to English or another language. What are the biggest challenges that you can encounter? First, you might have to find two different solutions for each task: converting the PDF to an editable file and then actually translating it from Spanish. Then there are also other things to consider such as how much time it will take, especially if it’s a large document with hundreds of pages, and how much it will cost you.

There are applications on the Internet that can help you with each of them, but they’re usually expensive. Also, the apps can give you a hard time. You can discover that the level of accuracy is not what you expected or that it did not keep the formatting of your document, which means extra work for you. When you’re working with company documents, a good level of accuracy is required so you can’t afford to go with a low quality translator.

Systran has an easy PDF Translator solution that can help you translate Spanish PDF to English in a matter of minutes and there’s no copy and pasting involved. The great thing about this professional translation software is that, unlike other tools available, it also retains the formatting of your documents, even if it includes images, tables or graphic elements.

Steps for translating Spanish PDF with Systran

After you’ve purchased the Spanish translation software, here are the steps you need to follow to translate your Spanish PDF to the language of your choice:

  • Find the file on your PC
  • Right click and select “Systran Translate”
  • Choose the language pair for translation, in this case Spanish to English
  • Click “Translate”

Systran will translate your document and save the translated version as a Rich Text Format (RTF). This also allows for the images included in the file  as well as its formatting to be preserved.

There is also another option available for with our Premium version that allows you to translate Spanish PDF to English with just one click of your mouse.  You only need to import the PDF file to your Project Manager and simply click “Translate”. Once the file is translated, you will get to see a side-by-side document translation – the original one in Spanish and next to it the translated PDF in English.

SYSTRAN’s affordable PDF translator is often called miraculous, it easy and fast when translating Spanish PDF documents.