What you should know about Translating English to Spanish

The Spanish language is one of the most widely-spoken in the world today and translations from English to Spanish as well as Spanish to English are in great demand.  If you are working with translating Spanish for the first time it helps to be familiar with some of the differences between the two languages. Learning a little more about the language will help you when working with translation software. Word Order The single biggest difference between Spanish and English is word order.  For [...]

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Spanish 101: Conversational Words and Phrases

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and out of its many dialects, Castilian is by far the most widely used. So, whether you’re planning to go on vacation to sunny Spain or on a business trip to a Spanish-speaking country and you’re looking to learn Spanish, start with the most common words and phrases. Here are a few conversational phrases to help you get started: Sí - Yes No - No Por favor - Please Gracias - [...]

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Speak Spanish like a native with Spanish Slang and Idioms

Spanish slang and idioms are essential if you want to speak Spanish like a native plus using them will make your Spanish colorful and riveting. Beware if you consult a dictionary because slang and idioms cannot be translated literally and can have a completely different meaning. In addition, slang and idioms vary quite a bit among the different Spanish speaking countries. What is slang/ idiom? Slang is basically a nonstandard vocabulary of a given language. Slang may or may not have optional literal [...]

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How to market your business to Hispanic Americans

If you’re looking to grow your business, you can no longer ignore the Hispanic American market. Believe it or not, the Hispanic American consumers will represent $1.5 trillion in annual buying power by 2015 and 30% of the United Stated population by 2050. However, this growing demographic continues to be ignored by most businesses in America. The main reason is because businesses don’t know how to communicate with Hispanic consumers and how to earn their trust and loyalty. If you want to understand [...]

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Spanish is the second most popular language on Twitter

The Cervantes Institute in Spain recently published the 2012 report titled “Spanish in the World” which includes some interesting statistics regarding the use of the Spanish language in the Internet. Believe it or not, Spanish is the second most widely used language on Twitter. Here are some other interesting stats: Spanish in the world: Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world with 500 million speakers. International Communication: it is the second most widely used language, after English. The Internet: [...]

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How to translate Spanish PDF to English

Imagine you have a PDF document in Spanish that you need to translate to English or another language. What are the biggest challenges that you can encounter? First, you might have to find two different solutions for each task: converting the PDF to an editable file and then actually translating it from Spanish. Then there are also other things to consider such as how much time it will take, especially if it’s a large document with hundreds of pages, and how much it [...]

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Translation software to translate Mexican Spanish

Lately, we’re seeing an increasing number of people searching for translation software to translate Mexican Spanish to English text. We know our competitors very well but in this case we couldn’t help but notice we have none for Mexican Spanish.  The translation tools available only translate Castilian Spanish and it’s not as accurate when you need to convert your text from Mexican Spanish to English or some other language. Fact: Over 10% of the U.S. population is Mexican so that’s a total of [...]

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Quick and Easy way to Translate Excel Documents

Systran can quickly translate Excel documents to and from foreign languages. There are actually three ways to translate Excel files. The easiest and most popular way is to open the document in Excel, go to the SYSTRAN tab at the top of Excel, set your languages and hit translate. How you decide to translate really depends on the product you have and what you want to do with the document after translation. Step 1: Open the document in Excel and go to the Systran Tab on the top ribbon of Excel. Step [...]

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