Foreign languages will probably never disappear. However, it may seem like it due to the great developments in the language translation industry. Translation software is helping so many individuals and professional worldwide to communicate and do business in any foreign language. Now there is no need to learn a foreign language when translation software makes it easier than ever to communicate. With the latest innovations in translation software, we can finally say that most language barriers have disappeared.


Learn a Language


What does this mean for you?

You won’t need to spend time learning another language in order to read an article in Spanish, French or German. If you are doing business in a foreign country, you will be able to communicate easily without having to worry you can’t speak or write in a specific foreign language. Translation software breaks the language barriers making it easy to read, communicate and do business in most any language, even if you can speak only your native language. How amazing is that?

Systran’s translation software is the leading language translator in the industry and it works with 56 languages instantly and at an affordable price. Systran is constantly improving its translation software to stay ahead of the competition and ensure you get the highest level of accuracy possible. Systran uses a complex technology that allows you to translate accurately depending on the context and not word-for-word as most translation tools available. Also, you can train the software and add your own terms and phrases to custom dictionaries in order to get more accuracy and save time at the same time.

You can use Systran’s translation software to translate just about anything from chat conversations, emails, Microsoft Office documents in any format and entire websites. You can even use it to translate Facebook or Twitter posts instantly and communicate with foreign customers on social networks a lot easier. Find out more about Systran

A breakthrough in the translation industry is speech recognition. Systran is working on developing a powerful speech-to-speech translation software that will allow users to speak into their native language and then hear the translation in seconds. Read our previous blog post on Speech recognition software, the “holy grail” of computing for more information.



What does this all mean?

The most important thing is to master your native tongue very well and when it comes to foreign languages, let technology take care of it. Today, communication is the key as you are able to reach millions of people worldwide through the use of blogs, social networks, YouTube videos and more. It’s great if you want to learn a new language, but now you’re no longer forced to when instant translation is only click away.