What is Social Media Monitoring?

From blogs to Facebook to Twitter, social media monitoring makes sense for business.  Since brand monitoring shouldn’t be limited to just one country, using translation in social media is not only helpful, but necessary.  By looking at the global picture when it comes to brand management and brand promotion, businesses are able to see how their brand fits into the marketplace and whether changes are necessary to promote future growth.

Translating Data for Social Media Monitoring

Constant conversations around the world are changing the way that products are born and developed. Since people post on blogs and update their statuses and their profiles daily, these posts can be in foreign languages and require translating to English or another language to understand them.

Social media monitoring is essential for keeping up with the changes in customer tastes and preferences worldwide.  And even more important is finding complaints so as to make sure that crises are managed before they stain a business’ reputation.

Millions of Posts Translated Daily with Systran’s Translation API

The largest Social Media montoring companies use Systran for the searching and translation of the data they pull from social media sites.

With Systran Translation Solutions, companies utilize the API (Application Programing Interface) which allows data that has been mined from blogs, personal pages, forums, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site, to be searched and then translated into one language.  The language translation API can work with any social media monitoring software to translate information quickly and accurately.  By using translation software, social media becomes another tool for helping to ensure companies are up to date on the latest conversations among target customer and client groups.  Simply ignoring the voices which can not be easily translated on one’s own is not an option.

Translation and Social Media

Many larger companies are already using translation tools to:

  • Track social media trends and topics in any language
  • Provide brand monitoring reports while maintaining multilingual accuracy
  • Reduce the translation costs as only certain passages will require human translation

Experienced in Helping Companes find the Right Solution

We specialize in setting up Social Media Monitoring solutions for companies. The demand for translation has grown dramatically over the past 12 months and seems to keep expanding as more people embrace social media sites.