Lately, we’re seeing an increasing number of people searching for translation software to translate Mexican Spanish to English text. We know our competitors very well but in this case we couldn’t help but notice we have none for Mexican Spanish.  The translation tools available only translate Castilian Spanish and it’s not as accurate when you need to convert your text from Mexican Spanish to English or some other language.

Fact: Over 10% of the U.S. population is Mexican so that’s a total of almost 32 million people and still growing.

How is Mexican any different from Castilian?

Mexican Spanish is different from Castilian like American English differs from British English. There are many words in Mexican Spanish that Spanish-speaking people don’t even use or understand. For instance, the Mexican Spanish word for turkey is “guajolote” while the Castilian word for it is “pavo”.  Juice is “jugo” in Mexican Spanish and in Castilian it’s “zumo”.

The syntax is also different.  Take the following sentence: “I went to the  market yesterday” In Castilian it would be translated to “He ido al mercado ayer” while in Mexican Spanish it would be “Fui al mercado ayer”.

Companies use Systran for Mexican Spanish translations

When doing business in Mexico it’s crucial to use a professional Mexican translation software. This is the only way to get an accurate Mexican Spanish to English translation and communicate effectively.

Large corporations, including the Bank of Mexico (Banco de México), uses Systran’s translation software for all their translation needs. When translating, our software offers two options to translate your documents: to Castilian or to International Spanish.

note When using Systran, be sure to choose the International Spanish option when you want to translate Mexican Spanish. To do that, simply click on Options in the menu -> Translation Options -> Linguistic Options  and then choose International Spanish from the dropdown menu.

Systran uses a unique blend of dialects, referred to as “International Dialect”, to get a more accurate translation for a specific dialect. This is achieved through the ability to control the linguistic rules as well as the built in dictionaries. Also, with Systran it’s so easy to create your custom Mexican Dialect dictionary and train the software to recognize specific words and built translation memory.  Once you do this, your translations will be more accurate and easy to understand.

Find out more about Systran’s translation software and get yours today.